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How It Works

A situation can always appear when you unexpectedly need some extra cash, but your income does not cover this sum. Now you are so lucky that you can easily find the necessary money just by having a personal computer and an Internet connection. We created a Same Day Fin, especially for such situations, so you can request quick loans as soon as possible, not even going out of your home. You just need to follow the further simple steps to get money transmitted directly to your bank account.

1. Request a loan

The first step you need to make is to complete the loan request form on our website. You should notice that we made everything in such a way that you do not need to do any paper work. The loan request is processed in approximately 10 minutes. So you need to provide next information to request the money:

  • Information pointed in your passport
  • Contact details
  • Confirmation of your employment
  • Information about your bank account

2. Determining terms and conditions

The next step after completing and submitting the loan request is choosing the most appropriate deal for you from all deals provided by different lenders presented on Same Day Fin. You will get the note from the lender after the lender is chosen and the request is sent and the declared money will be sent directly on your personal account, upon lender’s final approval.

3. Being attentive with repayment terms

You must strongly understand that you may not change any terms and conditions after the agreement is signed. That is why you should learn all provided information about repayment terms and fees before you sign it. Due to this any frauds are not possible. You have two ways to pay back the loan. The first option is that the necessary sum of money will be withdrawn from your bank account in a concerted time.

Confirmation of repayment

The other way is to cover the debt with the help of a postdated check. In this case you confirm the date of repayment with the lender when you sign the agreement.

Remember that if you miss the repayment time your interest rate can be increased or you can be charged additional sum of money which is called a fee. All necessary information is written in the loan agreement that is why it is necessary to read it very attentive in order to avoid subsequent misunderstandings and money loses.