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Terms and Conditions

The service of Same Day Fin is completely free; we just connect potential borrowers with direct loan lenders. But you should note that we do not provide any financial help. We just find appropriate financial organizations to help you receive the monetary help. Quick same day loans service provides the ability to choose among a vast majority of lenders. They want to invest money through our service as well as provide the best way for ordinary people to get quick and easy financial assistance. You just need to fill in the request form online to receive the access to all loan lenders who are presented on our website.

Our online service helps any person who wants to get a payday online loan to learn about all terms and conditions related to taking a loan. The issue is regulated by the Truth in Lending Act. Before you sign any agreement with the lender you should discuss it and examine it carefully in order to avoid further difficulties.

If you have any questions related to the loan or the agreement you should ask your lender. You might be asked to provide your e-signature when confirming the deal. You must fulfill all conditions you have discussed and signed up in the agreement with the lender to avoid any administrative responsibility.

What should you know when requesting the loan?

You will be provided with the example of the agreement that you will have to sign with the lender after having filled in the request form and received a confirmation e-mail. There is all necessary information about terms and conditions, fees and charges. You should read this document thoroughly and decide whether these terms are appropriate to you or not. You can also refuse to get money from this particular lender before you put your e-signature.

It is very important that you cannot change any terms after putting your e-signature which is why you should calculate if the loan corresponds to your needs and payment abilities.

The direct loan lender has the unique right to determine all fees and terms. The personal information that you give us in the request form can have an influence on the terms and conditions that are offered to you. You should remember that you may stop the process of getting a loan at any stage before you put your e-signature which confirms the agreement.

The service of has no influence on the terms and fees proposed to you. SameDayFin will help you to solve your monetary problems by connecting you with organizations that have appropriate capacities.

How is the repayment failure regulated?

It is important to know that you will pay additional fees if you fail to make the regular payment despite the reasons you have. Your agreement with the lender has all detailed information concerning this question, so you should get acquainted with it. Also, you should understand that our service works with reliable lenders who have a good reputation. Your bank account must always be kept in order to avoid reasonable additional fees.

What should I do in case of late repayment?

The clients who make late payments will be obliged to pay various charges. Your interest rate can be increased or you can be made to pay a onetime fee. Discuss the data with your lender and make sure you can repay the loan on time. If you change your opinion and do not want to deal with the lender after the agreement approval you should contact your lender in order to fix this situation.

You might be asked to fulfill the terms that are determined by the agreement. Late payments can be regulated differently according to the state’s laws, however, all lenders are obliged to obey them.

To find out more about rates and fees referred to the service offered by the SameDayFin website, check the appropriate page.