Privacy Policy

Same Day Fin protects personal data of the clients due to rules of the website which are written in this section. The service of the websites can be used only by US clients. Our policy is fully consistent with the US legislation which is valid at the present time.

1. Security of provided personal information.

1.1. There is a safe web space for each consumer for holding personal data. Due to this client can be sure that all data that is sent to SamedayLoansPayday with the help of the application form is protected very carefully. There is no access for any third party to this important info. Only representatives of Same Day Fin online can use all private information to provide necessary service to the client.

1.2. All personal details which client provides our service with using the appropriate application form on the website is afterwards transmitted further to the loan lender who is presented at the website. We use special SSL encoding to protect all data.

1.3. Client is the only person who has login information that is why Same Day Fin takes no responsibility for its protection. All the responsibility concerning disclosing the login info to the third party lies on the client.

2. Personal information given to the service.

2.1. Technical questions. SameDayFin uses cookies and web beacons aiming to make using the site easy and convenient. You may read further information to understand the meaning of these terms. Also, read Terms and Conditions section.

Web beacons technology is the special application that creates customized images using certain information given by the client. This technology creates advertising according to the client's real interest using the information about client's results of previous searches that are obtained from database on the web server.

Cookies are always used in order to save some necessary information on the client's computer. While visiting our website cookies software records the information about web pages opened and then it helps us to understand what the most important and interesting information is presented on our site. Due to this cookies also make the site more convenient to the clients.

2.2. While filling in the online application form you need to leave next personal information:

  • passport details
  • contact information
  • bank details (number of your current account and bank details)
  • information about your current employment and income
  • social security number

2.3. You may leave the application only if you are older than 13 years. That is why all applications which don’t correspond to this rule are automatically deleted.

3. The use of given personal information.

3.1. All personal information that the client provides when filling in the application form is necessary and is used by the site to make service more effective and easy. This personal data is used by direct loan lenders represented on the website. Also personal data may be used is some technical issues or different kinds of disputes. Personal data cannot be used in other ways.

3.2. A client can receive some advertising of products that might be interested to him or her during the service.

3.3. If any judicial procedures like resolution of disputes with clients, litigation due to damage happen they are resolved under the current legislation.


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4. Personal data dissemination.

4.1. The personal data is given to the third party that provides special service through the in order to make the service better to the clients. According to this marketing and consumer reporting agencies and associated institutions that deal with Same Day Fin may get this information.

4.2. Personal information may be given to money lenders, affiliates and representatives according to their demand.

5. Changes in the privacy policy. may change privacy policy conditions without noting clients at any time.

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