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Loans Like Fig Loans

Loans Like Fig Loans

Alternative payday loan options like Fig Loans in 2024, have become indispensable for individuals searching for swift, adaptable, and readily accessible financial assistance. In contrast to conventional banking systems, these contemporary lending platforms serve a diverse clientele, including those with limited credit histories or urgent cash requirements. Leading this financial evolution is Fig Loans, a groundbreaking platform that has left a significant imprint on the lending landscape.

Fig Loans distinguishes itself as a unique participant in the alternative lending arena. Founded to provide a more compassionate and understanding approach to lending, Fig Loans typically offers an alternative to traditional online payday loans, concentrating on the needs of working-class Americans. 

Their model is specifically designed for individuals who may be ineligible for standard personal loans due to factors such as financial history constraints. Through the provision of manageable loan amounts and a commitment to the financial well-being of borrowers, Fig Loans has established itself as a 24/7 payday loan lender that seamlessly integrates online transactions with responsible lending practices.

Taking a closer look at Fig Loans, we will explore its distinctive approach and broaden our viewpoint to encompass a variety of alternative lending solutions. Each alternative will be examined for its advantages and disadvantages, assisting you in navigating the intricate realm of modern financial solutions.

Whether you require emergency funds, aim to enhance your credit score, or are simply exploring your financial options, comprehending the landscape of loans similar to Fig Loans is essential to making well-informed financial decisions.

Understanding Fig Loans

Fig Loans stands out as a distinctive player in the domain of lending platforms, emphasizing viable alternatives to standard payday loans. Originating in Texas in 2014, this financial institution has defined its space in the financial landscape, concentrating on catering to the needs of working-class Americans. These individuals frequently encounter challenges accessing traditional banking services due to their constrained financial history or immediate financial requirements.

Fig Loans’ Approach to Lending

At the heart of Fig Loans’ approach is a commitment to offering accessible financial solutions while prioritizing its customers’ financial health. Unlike standard payday loans, which often lead borrowers into a debt trap due to their exorbitant interest rates and short repayment periods, Fig Loans aims to offer more manageable and ethical loan options. Their products are designed to help borrowers meet immediate financial needs with emergency loans, auto loans, or credit installment loans and build their credit over time.

However, one significant aspect of Fig Loans that potential borrowers need to know is their high interest rates. While they offer a more compassionate alternative to payday loans, their APRs can range from 35.99% to 211%, depending on the state. This rate is considerably higher than typical personal loans but reflects the higher risk of lending to individuals with limited credit histories.

Loan Amounts and Terms

Fig Loans offers limited loan amounts, typically from $50 to $1,000. This range is tailored to meet immediate financial needs without burdening borrowers with overwhelming debt. The repayment terms are relatively short, typically four to six months, offering a more manageable timeframe than traditional loans.

Geographic Availability

Fig Loans operates in a few states, including California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, and Utah. Each state has specific loan amounts and terms tailored to meet the regulatory requirements and the unique needs of borrowers in these regions. For instance, loan amounts in Texas range between $300 and $500; in California, they can be as low as $50 and as high as $500.

Fig Loans is a lending platform designed for those underserved by traditional banking systems. While their high-interest rates and limited loan amounts might not suit everyone, their approach is a significant step towards more inclusive and ethical lending practices. For borrowers in the states where Fig Loans operates, this platform offers a viable option to access funds quickly while building their financial background.

Choose the Best Fig Loans Alternatives

Exploring Fig Loans alternatives reveals a diverse range of lenders like Fig Loans, each with unique features, loan amounts, and interest rates. These best loans, like FigLoans cater to a variety of borrower needs, from those seeking lower interest rates to those requiring larger loan amounts or more flexible repayment terms. Here’s a closer look at some of the top contenders:

CompanyLoan AmountsInterest RatesUnique FeaturesBest For
Cleo Offers cash advances up to $250Interest-free with a monthly subscription fee of $5.99Includes budgeting tools and spending trackers. New users can access higher initial limits compared to other cash apps.Borrowers looking for small, quick advances without interest, and those who could benefit from budgeting assistance.
CashNetUSARanges between $100 and $3,000.APRs can reach up to 579%, varying by state.Offers instant approval decisions and same-day funding. Considers overall financial situation, not just credit score.Those needing quick access to funds and willing to manage higher interest rates.
Possible FinanceUp to $500 for quick installment loans.Around $15 to $20 per $100 borrowed, leading to high APRs.No hard credit check required. Aligns repayments with pay schedule.Borrowers with limited credit history needing a small amount with short repayment terms.
BrigitAdvances up to $250Fee-based service with a monthly subscription of $9.99Offers repayment extensions and budgeting tools. Includes new credit builder program.Individuals seeking small cash advances with added budgeting support and financial management tools.
Upstart$1,000 to $50,000.Ranges from 6.4% to 35.99%.Uses AI to consider factors beyond credit score, like education and career.Borrowers with less-than-perfect credit who need larger loan amounts and appreciate a tech-driven approach.

Each alternative to Fig Loans presents a unique set of benefits and limitations. They cater to various financial needs, from small emergency funds to significant personal loans.

Cleo – A Budgeting and Cash Advance App


Cleo offers a unique payday loan alternative and budgeting application in 2024, similar to Fig Loans. With Cleo, users can access 5 loans like FigLoans, featuring a seamless process. These online loans, designed as payday alternatives, cater to individuals with bad credit. Cleo’s credit personal loans, much like Fig Loans, are among the best alternatives in the market.

 Here’s an in-depth look at Cleo as an alternative to FigLoans:

  • Primary Function – Cleo primarily serves as a budgeting tool, designed to assist users in managing their finances effectively while offering the flexibility of accessing small cash loans.
  • Loan Amounts and Terms – Users can access advances up to $250, which are interest-free. This is beneficial for those needing quick, small funds without the burden of high interest. New users can borrow up to $70 initially, which is higher than what most apps offer.
  • Costs and Fees – Cleo charges a monthly subscription fee of $5.99. For users requiring instant cash transfer, an additional fee of $3.99 is applicable for express service.
  • Credit Building and Reporting – Unlike traditional loans, Cleo’s cash advances don’t directly impact your credit score. However, the app offers tools that can help users budget better and potentially improve their credit indirectly.


  • Interest-free cash advances, which are ideal for short-term borrowing needs.
  • Enhanced budgeting and financial tracking tools, aiding users in managing their finances.
  • Higher initial borrowing limit for new users compared to other apps.


  • Monthly subscription fee, which could add up over time, especially if loans can be used rarely.
  • Limited to small cash advances, which may not be adequate for more significant financial emergencies.

Best Suited For

Cleo is particularly suitable for individuals who need a small financial buffer before their next payday and can benefit from budgeting and financial management tools. It’s an excellent option for those who avoid traditional loans but still require quick financial assistance.

CashNetUSA – Online Short-Term Lender


If you’re in search of an alternative payday solution in 2024, consider CashNetUSA. Similar to Fig Loans, it caters to borrowers with low credit scores, offering quick loans on the same day. CashNetUSA, like Fig Loans, is an online lender providing payday loan alternatives. Unlike Fig Loans, however, it doesn’t focus on helping you build credit. Here’s a detailed look at how CashNetUSA compares as an alternative to Fig Loans:

  • Loan Products – CashNetUSA provides quick loans and lines of credit, including installment loans with loan amounts typically ranging from $100 to $3,000, depending on the state.
  • Interest Rates and Fees – The APRs for CashNetUSA bad credit loans can be quite high, reaching up to 579% in some states. The platform also charges a transaction fee of 15% in certain locations.
  • Application Process and Approval – Known for instant approval decisions and a quick online application process, CashNetUSA caters to borrowers looking for rapid funding solutions. The platform considers more than just credit scores during the application, making it accessible to a wider range of borrowers.


  • Fast funding, often as quick as the same business day, which is crucial during emergencies.
  • Accepts borrowers with lower credit scores, offering financial solutions to those who might not qualify for traditional bank loans.
  • Regulated rates, ensuring some level of borrower protection.


  • Very high APRs, making these loans more expensive than many other alternatives.
  • Limited availability, as CashNetUSA operates only in certain states.
  • The high cost of borrowing, especially with the additional transaction fees.

Best Suited For

CashNetUSA is among the best loans available for those with bad credit, and it functions as a direct lender. While it doesn’t offer credit builder loans like Fig Loans, it can still assist bad credit borrowers in obtaining the funds they need.

Possible Finance – Mobile Installment Loan Provider

Possible Finance

Possible Finance is a lending application catering to individuals seeking installment loans. The platform is designed to assist those facing unexpected expenses or in need of getting the funds. Users can apply for a loan online through the app, and the process includes evaluating factors beyond the conventional credit score requirement.

 Here’s an in-depth look at Possible Finance as an alternative to Fig Loans:

  • Loan Products – Possible Finance specializes in small-dollar installment loans. The platform offers loans up to $500, which borrowers can repay over a short period, typically up to 2 months.
  • Interest Rates and Fees – The platform’s rates are approximately $15 to $20 per $100 borrowed, translating to high APRs that can reach up to 460%. This rate structure is quite steep compared to traditional personal loans.
  • Application Process and Approval – Possible Finance offers an easy and fast application process through its app. The loans are designed to be accessible without credit checks, making them a viable option for borrowers with limited or poor credit history.


  • Quick and straightforward application, with fast funding, usually by the next business day.
  • No credit check is required, catering to a wide range of borrowers, including those with poor credit scores.
  • Flexible repayment options aligned with the borrower’s pay schedule.


  • Extremely high APRs, making the loans expensive for borrowers.
  • Very short repayment terms, which may not suit everyone’s financial situation.
  • Limited state availability, as Possible Finance operates only in selected states.

Best Suited For

Possible Finance offers a viable solution for individuals seeking swift access to modest cash amounts, along with a willingness to adhere to brief repayment timelines. This alternative is particularly advantageous for those facing challenges in securing conventional loans owing to unfavorable credit conditions.

Brigit – Cash Advance and Budgeting App


Brigit is an app-based service offering cash loans and financial planning tools. Here’s a closer look at Brigit as an alternative to Fig Loans:

  • Loan Products – Brigit provides advances up to $250 per pay period. This service is part of a monthly subscription model costing $9.99, offering users a quick financial buffer for emergencies.
  • Interest Rates and Fees – Brigit’s cash advances are interest-free, which is a significant advantage over traditional payday loans. However, the monthly subscription fee is a fixed cost regardless of usage. For immediate transfers, there’s an additional $3.99 fee.
  • Application and Approval – The process is simple, with most activities managed through the Brigit app. Approval is typically straightforward, without stringent credit checks, making it accessible to a wide audience.


  • Interest-free advances, reducing the cost burden on borrowers.
  • Offers additional financial planning tools, aiding users in managing their finances better.
  • Provides free extensions on advances, adding flexibility for repayment.


  • The monthly subscription fee may not be economical for infrequent users.
  • Limited advance amount may not be sufficient for all financial emergencies.
  • Access to instant transfers and certain features requires a premium subscription.

Best Suited For

Brigit is ideal for individuals seeking small, interest-free cash advances and who would benefit from additional financial management tools. It’s particularly useful for those who regularly face short-term cash flow issues and can make the most of the monthly subscription.

Upstart – AI-driven Personal Loan Lender


Upstart presents itself as a modern and flexible lending platform, utilizing unique underwriting models. Here’s a detailed look at Upstart as an alternative to Fig Loans:

  • Loan Products – Upstart offers a range of personal loans from $1,000 to $50,000. This range makes it suitable for a variety of financial needs, from small emergencies to significant expenses.
  • Interest Rates and Fees – The APRs range between 6.4% and 35.99%. These rates are competitive compared to traditional personal loans, but the actual rate depends on credit, income, and other factors. Upstart also charges an origination fee, which can be as high as 12% of the loan amount.
  • Application and Approval – Upstart’s application process is online and considers factors beyond the traditional credit score, including education and career trajectory. This approach can be beneficial for borrowers with less-than-perfect credit but with strong future earning potential.


  • Wide range of loan amounts, offering flexibility for various financial needs.
  • Unique underwriting model that may favor individuals with limited finacial background but strong future potential.
  • Quick and user-friendly online application process.


  • High potential origination fee, adding to the cost of the loan.
  • APRs can be high for borrowers with poor credit scores.
  • Not available in a few states, limiting its accessibility.

Best Suited For

Upstart is well-suited for young professionals or individuals with limited financial history but good education and promising career paths. It’s also a viable option for those needing higher loan amounts than what Fig Loans offers.

Choosing the Right Loan for Your Needs

When deciding on the right loan for your financial needs, it’s important to take a holistic approach. Choosing between Fig Loans and its alternatives requires a careful assessment of your individual situation, preferences, and financial goals.

If you’re considering Fig Loans, remember they specialize in small, quick loans with relatively high-interest rates. This option is ideal if you’re in a state where Fig Loans operates and need a quick, small loan to address an immediate financial gap.

Their service is particularly beneficial for those who may not have an extensive financial background or struggle to obtain personal loans from traditional payday lenders. Additionally, Fig Loans reports to three major credit bureaus, making them a good option if you’re looking to build or improve your credit score.

On the other hand, if you’re seeking more flexibility in loan amounts, longer repayment terms, or lower interest rates, exploring alternatives like Cleo, CashNetUSA, Possible Finance, Brigit, or Upstart might be more suitable. Each of these alternatives offers unique benefits:

  • Cleo: Ideal for budgeting assistance and small cash loans. Its subscription model and additional fees for faster transfers should be considered if you are looking for a more cost-effective solution.
  • CashNetUSA: Good for those who need a range of loan options, from lines of credit to installment loans. However, be mindful of their potentially high APRs, especially if you are budget-conscious.
  • Possible Finance: Offers a straightforward application process for short-term loans. It’s a viable choice if you need a quick loan but don’t qualify for traditional loans due to credit issues.
  • Brigit: This app is suitable for those who need smaller advances and appreciate financial management tools. The monthly subscription fee is a factor to consider if you’re budgeting tightly.
  • Upstart: A great choice for borrowers with bad credit or good credit score and need larger loan amounts. Upstart’s AI-driven platform might offer more favorable rates, especially if you have a good educational or employment background.

When choosing the best loan, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of each option against your specific needs. Consider factors like the urgency of your financial need, the total cost of the loan (including interest and fees), repayment terms, and how the loan will fit into your overall financial strategy.

Also, think about your long-term financial health. If building or repairing credit is a priority, a lender that reports to credit bureaus might be a better choice. If you’re focused on resolving a short-term financial hurdle without long-term debt, a cash loan app or a short-term online installment loan might be more appropriate.

Ultimately, the best choice is one that not only addresses your immediate financial need but also aligns with your overall financial health and goals.

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