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Loans Lile ACE Cash Express and Alternatives

Loans Like Ace Cash Express

In 2024, the landscape of online loans, especially alternatives to payday loans like ACE Cash Express, has evolved significantly. This article explores various options in the realm of short-term lending, focusing on products and services offered by direct lenders and online payday loan providers.

Same Day Fin will guide you through the types of loans available, from emergency loans for those with low credit to options for those with good credit. You can apply online for these alternatives, including Speedy Cash and other online lender options.

Our objective is to enhance your understanding of easy online loan processes and the potential benefits of different online payday loans, helping you make informed decisions for your financial needs.

Overview of ACE Cash Express

ACE Cash Express, a notable name in the lending market, specializes in fast cash loans for those looking for a loan, especially when traditional high credit scores aren’t met. They offer payday and personal loans, both online and in-store, to cater to immediate financial needs.

Renowned for providing some of the best payday and personal installment loans online, ACE Cash Express enables bad credit borrowers to apply for payday loans no credit check, a boon for those who don’t meet typical loan eligibility requirements. With their extensive network of over 850 locations, they offer the flexibility of applying online or in-store.

For those seeking to secure the loan without a hard credit check, ACE Cash Express offers payday loans that don’t require a credit check, making them a viable choice for many. Their loan options are designed to help you build credit, ensuring loan approval is more accessible for various financial situations.

Services and Loan Options

Payday Loans

These are designed to cover immediate expenses until the next payday. They usually involve smaller loan amounts with a short repayment period.

Installment Loans

Offering larger amounts than payday loans, installment loans provide the flexibility of repaying the borrowed amount over a longer period, making each installment more manageable.

Auto Title Loans

These loans use the borrower’s vehicle as collateral, typically offering higher loan amounts based on the vehicle’s value.

Cash Advances

Similar to payday loans, cash advances provide quick cash to bridge short-term financial gaps.

Alternatives to ACE Cash Express

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When searching for the best online loans like ACE Cash Express, it’s crucial to explore sites that offer personal loans and payday options similar to those provided by ACE. These alternatives, which include online lenders usually specializing in bad credit payday loans, allow you to get cash without necessarily requiring a FICO credit check.

Many online loans, like ACE Cash Express, allow you to apply for a payday or online personal loan that doesn’t require a credit check, reducing the risk to lenders. Whether the loan is right for you depends on your ability to repay your loan under the loan agreement terms.

Lenders assess Each loan request differently, with options varying from three credit bureaus to more. Let’s examine these options to choose the best personal loan for your needs.

Chime SpotMe: Best for Avoiding Overdraft Fees


Chime SpotMe is an ideal option for those who frequently face overdraft fees in their checking accounts. It offers overdraft protection up to $200 on debit card purchases and cash withdrawals without any extra fees. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who have a steady income but occasionally find themselves short on funds before their next paycheck. The service is automatically available to Chime account holders with a monthly direct deposit of $200 or more, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for managing short-term cash shortfalls.


  • Offers a safety net without the typical overdraft fees.
  • Available to eligible users without any additional sign-up.
  • The overdraft limit can start at $20 and increase up to $200 based on account activity.


  • Only covers debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals, not checks or ACH transfers.
  • Must have a Chime account with a monthly direct deposit of $200 or more.

Comparison to ACE Cash Express

Unlike ACE Cash Express, which offers various loan options, Chime SpotMe is specifically geared towards preventing overdraft fees. It’s a more preventative service rather than a loan provider, offering a no-fee solution for short-term financial shortfalls rather than a borrowed sum of money.

Cleo: Best for Budgeting Assistance with Cash Advance Options


Cleo is ideal for individuals requiring financial management tools and short-term financial assistance. Its combination of a user-friendly budgeting assistant and immediate funding options is distinctive. Cleo excels in analyzing spending patterns, giving savings advice, and offering up to $250 in quick financial support for urgent needs. This positions it as a holistic financial tool, enhancing both financial literacy and management capabilities, while providing a fallback for unexpected expenses. Additionally, its credit-building subscription service offers further financial empowerment, especially valuable for those aiming to bolster their credit scores.


  • For a higher subscription fee, Cleo offers tools for credit building, including a secured credit card.
  • Provides comprehensive tools for budgeting and saving, helping users manage their finances better.
  • Offers quick funds access with relatively straightforward terms, with funds typically available 24 hours after payoff.


  • Access to advanced features and higher amounts of quick funds comes with a monthly subscription fee ranging from $5.99 to $14.99.
  • Without a subscription, users have fewer features and must contact customer service for quick funds access.
  • Charges a fee for expedited delivery of funds.

Comparison to ACE Cash Express

Cleo differs significantly from ACE Cash Express by focusing more on financial management and credit building rather than just providing loans. While it does provide short-term funds, these are typically for bridging minor financial gaps, contrasting with the larger, more formalized payday or installment loans from ACE Cash Express. Cleo’s approach is geared towards fostering prudent financial practices, with its provision of temporary financial support being just a component of its extensive array of financial tools.

Albert: Best for Holistic Financial Planning with Quick Cash Advances

Albert is ideal for individuals looking for a comprehensive financial planning tool that also offers the ease of instant monetary assistance. It provides complimentary short-term funds up to $250, and its Genius service delivers tailored investment guidance, setting it apart in the financial app realm. Those who wish to merge their immediate funding needs with wider financial objectives such as budgeting, saving, and investing will find Albert especially useful. The app’s capability to cater to multiple facets of personal finance on a single platform positions it as a holistic solution for proactive financial management.


  • Albert offers a blend of financial tools including quick funds, investment advice, and budgeting assistance.
  • With its Genius service, Albert can guide users in creating a personalized investment portfolio.
  • Users can access quick funds without a paid membership.


  • While not mandatory for quick funds, the Genius service costs $8 to $16 a month and automatically enrolls users in a free trial upon sign-up.
  • Some users have reported difficulties in canceling their subscription to the Genius service.
  • Lacks phone support, which may be a drawback for users who prefer direct communication.

Comparison to ACE Cash Express

Albert differs from ACE Cash Express in that it’s not just a loan provider but a more holistic financial platform. While it offers cash advances similar to payday loans online, its primary focus is on overall financial health, including investment and budgeting. Unlike ACE, which provides structured loans with set terms, Albert’s cash advances are more flexible and part of a broader range of financial services aimed at improving users’ financial literacy and health.

Brigit: Best for Overdraft Protection with Credit Building Tools


Brigit is ideal for individuals who frequently face the risk of overdrawing their bank accounts and are also interested in credit-building opportunities. It offers up to $250 in cash advances per pay period, which can help users avoid bank overdraft fees. Additionally, Brigit’s credit-building program and financial insights make it more than just a cash advance app; it’s a comprehensive tool for financial wellness. The app’s proactive balance alerts and automatic cash advances in case of impending overdrafts provide a safety net, making it a top choice for those who want to maintain a healthy bank balance and improve their financial stability.


  • Offers cash advances to prevent bank overdraft fees.
  • Allows users to extend their due date if they’ve made two consecutive on-time payments.
  • Includes credit building and identity theft protection in its subscription.


  • Access to cash advances and other features requires a $9.99 monthly subscription.
  • Without the subscription, users miss out on most of Brigit’s benefits.
  • Lacks a phone line for customer service, which might be inconvenient for some users.

Comparison to ACE Cash Express

Brigit’s model contrasts with ACE Cash Express by focusing on small, no-interest cash advances primarily intended to avoid overdraft fees, rather than larger loans. While ACE Cash Express provides a range of loan products with set repayment terms and interest rates, Brigit offers a more flexible, subscription-based service. Brigit is geared towards managing immediate, short-term cash needs and improving overall financial health, whereas ACE Cash Express focuses on providing immediate cash through structured loans.

MoneyLion: Best for Comprehensive Financial Services with Cash Advances


MoneyLion is the best option for individuals looking for a comprehensive financial package that includes banking services, investment options, and cash advances. Their Instacash feature allows for up to $500 in cash advances without interest, making it suitable for short-term liquidity needs. Additionally, MoneyLion’s broader range of financial tools, like investment accounts and credit builder programs, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking to improve their overall financial health and literacy while also having access to emergency funds.


  • Offers a range of financial tools beyond cash advances, including an investment account and a credit builder program.
  • Provides cash advances without monthly subscription fees, though instant transfers may incur a charge.
  • Enables users to invest spare change from everyday purchases.


  • While it offers up to $1,000 paycheck advances to qualified users, access to higher amounts often requires opening a RoarMoney account.
  • Regular funding takes 24 to 48 hours, which might be slow for urgent needs.
  • Some users have expressed concerns regarding customer service and the app’s features.

Comparison to ACE Cash Express

Unlike ACE Cash Express, known for its emphasis on high-interest, short-duration lending, MoneyLion offers a wider range of financial services geared towards comprehensive financial health. Its interest-free advances are just one component of a toolkit aimed at boosting financial stability and knowledge. In contrast, ACE Cash Express tends to focus on more conventional lending options such as payday, installment, and title loans, often linked with higher expenses and rigid repayment terms. MoneyLion adopts a more all-encompassing approach, prioritizing financial empowerment and educational resources.

Possible Finance: Best for Accessible Installment Loans with Credit Building

Possible Finance

Possible Finance stands as an ideal option for those needing brief financial assistance while also aiming to establish or mend their credit. With lending options up to $500 and minimal credit investigations, Possible Finance opens doors for many who may not qualify for conventional loan products. A distinctive aspect of their service is the reporting to credit reporting agencies, assisting customers in crafting their credit records with each punctual repayment. For individuals not just in search of prompt fiscal solutions but also aspiring to boost their credit standing, Possible Finance offers a two-fold advantage, differentiating it from standard payday lending alternatives.


  • Offers loans without requiring a traditional credit check, making it accessible to individuals with bad credit.
  • Reports repayment activities to credit reporting agencies, aiding in credit score improvement.
  • Provides borrowers with up to eight weeks to repay the loan, which is longer than typical payday loan terms and conditions.


  • Interest rates can be as high as 460%, making it an expensive option for borrowing.
  • Has a history of negative reviews, particularly concerning its customer service and loan costs.
  • Offers a maximum of $500, which might not be sufficient for all borrowers’ needs.

Comparison to ACE Cash Express

Possible Finance and ACE Cash Express both cater to the short-term loan market but with different approaches. While ACE Cash Express offers a variety of loan products including payday, installment, and title loans, Possible Finance focuses solely on installment loans with the added benefit of helping borrowers build credit. The high APRs of Possible Finance are akin to those of ACE Cash Express, but Possible Finance provides a more extended repayment period, which can be more manageable for borrowers. Unlike ACE, which may not report to credit bureaus, Possible Finance’s practice of reporting repayments can positively impact a borrower’s credit history, provided they make timely payments.

OppLoans: Best for Larger Loan Amounts with Fair APRs

OppLoans Logo

OppLoans is an excellent choice for individuals seeking larger loan amounts but are wary of the high APRs associated with many short-term lenders. Offering loans up to $4,000 with a maximum APR capped at 160%, OppLoans provides a middle ground between high-cost payday loans and traditional bank loans. It’s particularly suited for borrowers who need more substantial funding but want to avoid the exorbitant costs typically found in payday lending. Furthermore, OppLoans reports to all three major credit reporting agencies, aiding in credit building, which is an added advantage for borrowers working to improve their credit profiles.


  • With a cap at 160%, OppLoans’ APRs are significantly lower than many high-cost payday lenders.
  • Offers loans up to $4,000, which is higher than many short-term loan providers.
  • Regularly reports repayment history to credit bureaus, offering an opportunity for borrowers to build or improve their credit scores.
  • Known for clarity regarding fees and loan terms, providing borrowers with a clearer understanding of their loan obligations.


  • Lacks the in-person service options that some borrowers may prefer; operates entirely online.
  • Requires borrowers to have their income set up as direct deposits, limiting options for those with alternative income types.
  • Not available in all states, which limits its accessibility to some potential borrowers.

Comparison to ACE Cash Express

OppLoans stands apart from ACE Cash Express by primarily offering larger installment loans with comparatively lower APRs. While ACE Cash Express caters to a variety of short-term lending needs (including payday and title loans), OppLoans focuses on a single product that is generally more manageable in terms of repayment. The credit-building aspect of OppLoans is a significant advantage for borrowers looking to improve their credit scores. In contrast, ACE Cash Express, with its varied but typically higher-cost loan products, may not offer the same opportunity for credit improvement.

FAQs About Loans Like ACE Cash Express

What are the typical APRs for loans like those offered by ACE Cash Express?

Loans similar to those from ACE Cash Express, particularly payday and short-term installment loans, often have high APRs, sometimes exceeding 300% or more, depending on the lender and state regulations.

Are there any alternatives to high-APR loans for emergency cash needs?

Yes, alternatives include personal loans from banks or credit unions, borrowing from friends or family, or using quick cash apps. These options typically come with lower APRs or more favorable terms.

Can I qualify for loans like ACE Cash Express with a poor credit score?

Many lenders offering services similar to ACE Cash Express provide loans without stringent credit checks, making them accessible to individuals with low or poor credit scores.

How quickly can I receive funds from lenders like ACE Cash Express?

Depending on the lender, funds can often be received on the same day or the next business day, especially with online applications.

What are the risks associated with using payday or short-term installment loans frequently?

Frequent use of high-APR loans can lead to a cycle of debt, where the costs of borrowing accumulate and become increasingly difficult to repay.

Do lenders like ACE Cash Express report to credit bureaus?

Some lenders, like OppLoans, report repayment activities to credit reporting agencies, aiding in credit score improvement, while others may not. It’s important to verify this with the individual lender.

What should I consider when choosing a lender for a short-term loan?

Consider factors such as the APR, repayment terms, any additional fees, the lender’s reputation, and whether they report to credit reporting agencies.

Are there any interest-free or low-cost alternatives to loans like those from ACE Cash Express?

Some cash advance apps offer low-cost or interest-free advances on your paycheck. Additionally, some credit cards provide interest-free periods or cash advances at lower rates than payday loans.

What is the typical repayment period for loans similar to those from ACE Cash Express?

Repayment periods vary but are often short, ranging from a few weeks for payday loans to several months for installment loans.

How do installment loans differ from payday loans?

Installment loans are typically larger and repaid over a longer period through scheduled payments, while payday loans are smaller, short-term loans meant to be repaid in one lump sum on your next payday.

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