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Why Payday Lenders Need to Know Your Social Security Number

Social Security Number

There is almost no person who hasn’t taken out a loan for various purposes these days. We all live in a world that is unpredictable and unstable. Monetary problems happen all of a sudden, and not every citizen is prepared for them. What can you do in this situation? 

Many people turn to same day cash loans to fund their unexpected costs or cover urgent bills and other expenses. However, it is essential to know what information you need to provide in order to obtain that additional cash. Creditors often ask for sensitive data including your Social Security Number and here is why.

What Is an SSN?

The Social Security Number of every US citizen and resident is given by the US government to keep track and monitor the citizen’s earnings and employment details. This nine-digit figure is typically used by various insurance companies and finance-related service providers. Moreover, this number determines the user’s retirement benefits or income connected with disability.

Different creditors require sensitive data including the birth date, the full name, and the Social Security Number of the potential borrower before they decide to issue a short-term loan. Also, the information about the borrower’s employment and their source of income is necessary to perform at least a soft credit check. Knowing such data won’t affect your credit history but can give the lender important information concerning defaults or frauds.

Why Do Lenders Need My SSN?

Despite the fact that some US states prohibit payday loans or place restrictions on the number of interest rates the companies can charge, payday lending is still one of the most popular alternative ways of getting the necessary funds to cover the urgent expenses. If you’ve ever submitted a loan request you may have noticed that the majority of lending services ask for your SSN together with other private data and credit history information.

The main reason for that is that they need to define the borrower’s creditworthiness. Once the SSN is submitted, the creditor will run a check through a separate service and verify the credit score of the person. They will also learn the information about the previous loans or the current loans that haven’t been repaid yet. Without this data, creditors won’t be able to issue monetary help.

Is It Safe to Tell My SSN?

Some consumers have certain doubts about whether it is safe to disclose your sensitive data and SSN to the lending services. Yes, it is safe and secure provided that you avoid scams and turn only to reputable and trusted creditors who have been around for many years. Search for the company feedback and make sure they use encrypted and secure connections.

Is there a way you can notice a scam? Yes, if the lender asks you to provide your login details through email or by phone, you see warning signs on your browser, or if you are required to pay a fee before submitting a loan request, you should stay away from such services. Remember that you should make everything possible to protect your personal details and sensitive information from fraudulent activity and scams.

What If I Don’t Want to Tell My SSN?

Some consumers are so concerned about their privacy that they aren’t willing to tell their sensitive details to anyone out there. In this case, they won’t be able to apply for traditional or payday lending options as the creditors won’t be able to perform a credit check or give out unsecured loans. You can:

  • Offer collateral. Another way to obtain the necessary funds is to provide your auto or home equity as collateral to back up the loan. Every lender demands something to prove your creditworthiness so that they know they will eventually get their money back. If you don’t have collateral than just seek trustworthy lenders whom you can trust your SSN.
  • Side gigs. There are so many options for people who have temporary financial issues these days. You may sell used things, become a part-time driver, do online paid surveys, babysit, etc.
  • Local Organizations. Charities, nonprofit organizations and governmental companies also may serve as a solution to receive monetary help for vulnerable groups of society. Pay attention that not every person can qualify and it usually takes several weeks to process the paperwork.

All in all, the creditors and lending services often require Social Security Number from potential borrowers together with other sensitive details. Make sure you turn to a trusted lender and you won’t have problems. Otherwise, you may opt for alternative ways of getting extra cash but they won’t work as fast.

Legal Status of Payday Lending in the USA

States Ban Payday Loans

Do you know how it feels when you desperately need some cash to solve the urgent monetary issues? Your brain rejects to work and you simply can’t figure out where to turn to. Almost every person has experienced this scrutiny and knows how devastating and embarrassing it may be to ask for financial help.

Yet, there exist several options for consumers who don’t have enough cash in their pocket or savings in their bank account. We all heard about payday lending and many American citizens have turned to alternative online creditors for quick help. However, authorities have banned this type of lending in many states. Read on to find out if this financial solution is legal in your area.

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Payday Loan vs. Installment Loan

payday loan installment loan

Many people experience temporary monetary problems these days. If you are also searching for the best lending solution to cover the unexpected costs, make sure you understand the peculiarities between a payday and installment loan as they certainly have differences. Weigh the pros and cons of each lending option to select the one that works best in your current financial situation and take the most suitable loan.

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Charity and Loans: Use It Properly

charity and loans

There are many reasons why charities borrow money. They may need a loan for a third party with the charging of interest. Money lending is not a charity object; they do it for future investments. Workers need to think outside the box to make the deal possible and beneficial for both sides.

Actually, it’s the matter of social finances – to arrange the innovative funding. The classical scheme about same day payday loans doesn’t work here – even if the charity needs money urgently, it should prove the purpose of fulfilling other requirements.

What Is Charity?

According to Charitable Organization Law, these institutions are completely non-profit. The only people, who control the assets, are the trustees. They are in charge of bringing charity’s mission into life and ensure that financial deals run well. Similar facilities usually are not taxed by the Internal Revenue Service. Yet, some irrelevant business activity can be taxed, when it’s detected.

For being a non-profit foundation, every charity has to pass three tests:

  • Organizational – you must choose a category between educational, scientific, religious, etc.;
  • Political – no politicians should be involved in the process;
  • Asset – the charity founder doesn’t make it for some personal gain or a particular employee’s benefit. That’s one of the main angles to consider before bringing your next project to life.

So, charity can’t provide corporate income. It analyzes options for borrowing money and plans the terms of repayment. Any bank wants a decent profile of a company with a dependable source to get cash for repayment from.

Trustees and Conflict of Interests

Charities may need to buy some lands or buildings. It’s a good practice to have at least three trustees: a chairman, secretary, and treasurer. They are not paid for performed duties, except for some circumstances. No special qualifications are required to become a charity’s next trustee. But it’s not enough to attend a few meetings – preparing for this social role means being ready for overtime work. Moreover, the property should be revised before the organization can use it.

Any trustee handles all the government documents and is accountable for every mistake. Even so, the problems those people meet are pretty specific. First, it’s about indemnities or personal interest in making decisions. The important thing here is finding an alternative way to prevent a conflict. In this case, the borrowing money process will be harmless for the institution.

Types of Loans

Charities have many needs and fees to cover. If they’ve already asked for money, probably potential investors refused. It happens for some kind of infrastructure project or an upgraded IT system. Nowadays there are such types of loans:

  • Overdraft facilities – many commercial banks provide it. “Overdraft” is an account with almost a “zero” balance. But, the charity may still withdraw cash and be charged at a stable interest rate. The previous agreement is obvious here;
  • Revolving credit facilities – this method helps to manage credit flows;
  • Term loans – organizations use it to buy real estate or new equipment. The interest rate may be floating, and the repayment schedule is specified for a customer. Term loans may be set for a short period or last up to 25 years. The loan limits the financial adherence the charity can take on, like dividends or debts.

Repayment on a fixed date or social return – you can choose anyway. It depends on the initial purpose of the loan.

Mortgage Policy

Borrowing by charities is not always secured, as trustees tend to believe. They need to act properly and lawfully all the time; taking a loan is not a game for bluffing. Show interest in the company’s position and be aware of possible liabilities. Among the popular ones are financial loss due to improper actions or a third party with a legal claim. Such problems or financial mistakes can lead to bankruptcy.

The trustees need to be sure about the accountability of all the members. The Commission takes regulatory action against institutions that fail to provide accounts’ copies.

What about the internal resources? Here comes “the rule of prudence”, which states trustees must:

  • Avoid using the assets;
  • Avoid over-committing;
  • Take care, when borrowing;
  • Make sure you use assets only for right needs;
  • Do not violate restrictions about spending funds.

Is It Time to Help your Elderly Parents with their Finances?

Help your Elderly Parents with Finances

The time may come when your elderly parents will no longer be able to manage their personal finances but it may be challenging for them to ask for help, even from the closest relatives. Only having a sensitive approach to this topic, you may be able to make the transition process smoother and help your parents understand that you want to help them stay comfortable and avoid financial problems. According to the recent survey of the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, aging people who start having cognitive decline often don’t even realize that they are unable to manage their personal finances anymore. So, let’s get some insight into this topic and help you decide when it’s the right time to help your elderly parents with their finances.

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Factors Lenders Might Be Rejecting Your Loan Application For

Loan Application

There are multiple lending options for people who need a helping hand to finance a big purchase, pay urgent bills or cover any other unexpected expenses. Small personal loans are very popular these days and are one of the best solutions for getting quick financial help. This type of lending generally has fewer requirements and comes in a more flexible form. However, there are certain reasons your personal loan might be rejected by potential lenders. Here is what you should keep in mind before you submit your applications.

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What Happens If You Don’t Pay a Payday Loan?

consequences of not paying a payday loan

Have you ever been in a situation when you need some extra cash to solve your problems? If you are a person that lives in a modern world the answer is likely to be yes. The Pew Trust Research shows that 12 million Americans get payday loans every year. The reasons why people take loans can be as trivial as paying rent or covering electricity bills. Once you got the needed amount of money, the crisis seems to end. But is it really over?

The real nightmare of any borrower is not to be ready to repay the debt when the payday comes. Is it really that scary? What happens to people who fail to pay? And more importantly, what should a borrower do? Here is some information that may help you to overcome this unpleasant situation and get back on track.

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How Fast Cash Loans Help to Bridge the Gap in Financial Shortfall

Fast Cash Loans

We all suffer cash flow problems from time to time, all in all, we are humans. That’s why we understand that when you need money, you probably need it straight away. In times when things go south, you may think that payday loans are the best emergency fund that will help you survive until your next paycheck.

Do you know that people with bad credit are more likely to apply for fast cash loan online? What is the reason? Someone thinks that there is no credit check, but it is just really easy and comfortable. So, fast loans for bad credit feel like only option for some reason.

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Top Personal Finance YouTube Channels: Learn More About Finances

Personal Finance Youtube Channels

Who doesn’t want to manage their money perfectly? Can you boast with having lots of money or do you need some professional advice on how to improve your personal finances?

Let’s be honest: if you are reading this, then you are probably looking for some help. If you are willing to boost your personal finances and get the most out of it, here are the best YouTube channels on this topic. These are the people who know more about managing money and investments and are eager to share this information with their viewers.

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Employer Credit Check: Bad Credit Score vs. Dream Job

Credit Score Affect Your Job Hunting

The competition in the job market is on its hike. What worked 20 years ago when trying to get a job won’t work today. Without a doubt, job hunting can become a hectic routine unless you know how to strategically play the game.

In this new world, the one who gets hired is not necessarily the one who can do that job best. More often, the one who knows the most about how to get hired.

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